Should you Compromise Design in App Development?

Mobile apps are a new category that falls between software development and web development. Most mobile apps are not as complex as large-scale software development projects, however they’re still complex than most web-sites. Most users expect a lot of features on mobile apps, however UX professionals are restricted for a very small screen to achieve this outcome. So when it comes to app design vs development, how much should you compromise?

First of all, app development costs are not cheap. If you do some research on cost of app development, you’ll see the costs start at the $2000 level as a minimum. Therefore you need to ensure that you get it right the first time. Most often since there are way too many apps on the app store, people will make a first impression of your app within few seconds of using it – and a decision will be made to keep it or uninstall it.

As any experienced User-Experience Professional would suggest, the best thing to do in this situation is to keep the home screen simple and uncluttered. Show the main functions and features on the home screen, and simply direct the users into more features as they use the app. Especially in mobile games, you can hide many unwanted features initially and revel them as the player ‘levels-up’ with the game.

It’s also a good strategy to partner with an app development company who has experience in designing and developing many mobile apps. Such a company will have strategists and dedicated UX professionals to help you to get the most out of your app, and make the first user experience a great one.

Regardless the path you take, you should not compromised your design during the app development phase. The design is what makes an app unique compared to many other apps out there. So if you compromise on design, you face the risk of making the app just like one of those ‘other apps’. As a result, spend the time to consult a professional to get the right design to suit your app.